From The Streets Of Rock City Hannover / Germany


Black Country Communion

BCCIV / CD 60:34 Min.

Mascot Label Group

Four years have passed since the inglorious departure of the American-British alliance, which published three studio albums as well as a live album in the years 2010 to 2012. In 2013 the split took place, mainly based on disagreements between the alpha animals Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa. Despite this, Hughes, together with Jason Bonham and the young guitarist Andrew Watt California Breed, founded their fast-paced debut album, but they were not able to reach BCC's albums. A call from Joe Bonamassa to Glenn Hughes at the beginning of 2016, on the occasion of his recording in the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame (as a member of Deep Purple), finally led to the reunion of the four collaborators who can seamlessly connect to the three predecessors with BCCIV.

The track and album opener "Collide", already released as an appetizer, turns out to be a hard rock bombshell par excellence and, unlike the prelude, unites all Trademarks of this exceptional formation; the voluminous drumsound of Bonham, the messy riffs and solos of Bonamassa, the tasteful keyboard rugs of Sherinian and not least the rumbling bass as well as the furious voice of Hughes, which has not lost its expressive power in 2017 either. All this adds to a homogenous unity and paves the way for the remaining nine songs of the new album, which once again covers all the facets that the inclined Hard Rock fan have grown to the heart over the years. With groovy mid-tempo beats like "Over My Head" or "Wanderlust", fast-paced "The Crow", "Sway" and the Zeppelin like "Love Remains" as well as bluesy heavy rock in the form of the songcrump "The Cove" (Free leave greetings!) Black Country Communion impressively once again their claim.

"The Last Song For My Resting Place" and "When The Morning Comes" are undoubtedly the highlights of the album. The first-named song turns out to be an epic - powerballade from the house of Bonamassa by the use of Mandolin / Violine countryesk and Celtic - a massive reef orgy included. The ending "When The Morning Comes", on the other hand, proves to be a hard rock number worn by a piano and acoustic guitars, initially a fragile, but finally hard-hitting hard rock number, which ends with a comeback album on which it bounces to the usual extent, smokes and crashes. BCC are back, with a bang!

Marc Schipper

Black Country Communion