From The Streets Of Rock City Hannover / Germany



ROADKILL BBQ / CD 50:00 Min.

Steamhammer / SPV

Nitrogods, take the 3rd! To match the start of the barbeque season, the steam-hammer-trio is an open-fire cooked, self-imposed BBQ of the top class.

Already the album's opening triplet, "Rancid Rock", the title track "Roadkill BBQ" and "My Love's A Wirebrush", unites all Trademarks of the triumvirate: Dirty singing, crunchy guitars, pumping basses and unbraked drifted drums with total loss Guarantee. This Rock'n'Roll full service flanked by grooving midtempo firecrackers like "Boogeyman", "The Price Of Liberty" or the "Where Have The Years Gone" with the AC / DC memory reef, in which the Nitrogods swing the textual nostalgia bat.

Mainly on ROADKILL BBQ the high gears in the tried and tested Motörhead mode, a comparison, which is always liked by the trade press pulled out from their pockets, But , the Nitrogods themself it is not denied. It sounds just as it sounds. Basta.

The production is accustomed crisp and powerful, there is also nothing to criticize. And those who have not yet enjoyed the pleasure of enjoying the guys on the stage, the following: On the road, the Nitrogods sound even fatter than on the record. Sounds funny, but is so!

Therefore, the following tip to the conclusion: buy album, diligently learn the songs, go to live concerts and party hard. And if there is a small hunger after the gig, a delicious off-road BBQ will be organized. Anyone who has questions on this subject may trust the gentlemen Wolter, Larcher and Sperling.

Marc Schipper

(Editor for Rock It!/Noisy Neighbours)