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BON – The Last Highway – The untold Story Of Bon Scott und AC/DC’s Back In Black

Author: Jesse Fink / Published: November 2017

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Jesse Fink is a very courageous writer. Regardless of the critical reactions (and there was by no means little of them) with regard to his last publication - THE BROTHERS YOUNG - in which the AC/DC leaders were characterized as not exactly acceptable contemporaries, Fink goes one step further this time: He is dedicated to the story of Bon Scott, the legendary frontman of the Australian rock icon who, according to the official "version" on 19 February 1980 at the age of only 33 years in the back seat of a Renault 5 in London after a night of drinking due to a Alcohol poisoning smothered on his own vomit.

In his new book, Jesse Fink does not only deal with the Rock Star Bon Scott, as countless biographers have done before him, focusing mainly on the legendary debauchery of the singer. Fink deals with the man behind the legend, his personality, strengths, weaknesses and dreams. The main focus is on the last three years of Bon Scott's life. And his death. And in this respect, BON clearly sets itself apart from previous publications.

The book's main questions are What really happened the night before Scott died? Was heroin and not alcohol the cause of the singer's death? What is Bon Scott's share of the lyrics/songs for the BACK IN BLACK album? In fact, as the band management and the members of the Band have been telling us for decades, have no texts from the singer's pen been used for the mega-seller?

Noteworthy is the approach of Jesse Fink. His meticulous research took over three years. He has conducted numerous interviews with people close to Bon Scott in his last years; with close friends and former lover. He has compared the statements of these persons to each other, worked out the contradictions and summarized the commonalities. The result is a fact-rich, exciting book that reads in places like a criminal story, however, the established theories, however, comprehensibly underpinned and the "official history" seems at least questionable.

Who does not want to superficially deal with the person Bon Scott, his life, his death and his legacy and has been waiting for a book that is almost fair to the myth, the legend, the man Bon Scott: Here it is. Investigative journalism at its best!

Review: Marc Schipper